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Power of One

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2020 Power of One Luncheon and Children's Style Show


The Power of One
Virtual Luncheon & Children's Style Show

Tru Hope Dealer
Thursday, February 25, 2021
11:45 am - 1:00 pm


   You will not want to miss this year's speaker, the Tru Hope Dealer, Jeremy Bates.  As Jeremy navigated life in a dysfunctional family, fueled by addiction, infidelity, and abandonment, he learned the importance of hope, resilience, and humor. His addiction to the stage was cemented when he played his saxophone at Carnegie Hall in New York City at the age of 14. His 23 years of professional experience in youth development, mental health advocacy, and drug and alcohol prevention, in addition to thousands of presentations, makes Jeremy a Powerful Voice for youth across the country. Jeremy will share his story and how one person, one powerful voice, can make a positive impact in the life of a child.

     By sponsoring this event, you help provide a powerful voice for a child in foster care---you give them a CASA volunteer. Without a CASA and without your support, these children are forced to navigate through an overburdened child welfare system that is hard pressed to meet their needs. Without a CASA, they can easily be re-abused or neglected in foster care or be returned to an unsafe home. CASA volunteers fight for the child's right to grow up in a safe, permanent home. CASA of West Texas served 513 foster children in seven West Texas counties last year which is 98% of the children in foster care in our service area. Help us serve 100%. Every child in care deserves a powerful voice. Be that voice for foster children by sponsoring this event!