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Collaborative Family Engagement

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Collaborative Family Engagement

CFE stands for Collaborative Family Engagement. CFE is built around the fact that kids connected to their family of origin tend to have better lifelong outcomes. It acknowledges that loneliness can be devastating, both for children and their families. However, CFE is all about connections, and the CFE team works together to explore potential positive connections identified by the family.

CFE  is a team-based approach between local CASA programs and CPS to engage, find and work with family members and other trusted adults in the creation and development of a lifetime network for young people in the foster care system. One of the goals of CFE is to help children achieve strong connectivity and permanency faster, preferably with relatives or other trusted loved ones. Another goal of CFE is to ensure every child in the system is connected with their family of origin and other important people in their life, both during and after their time in foster care, giving them a better chance at a brighter future. In collaboration with the Department of Family & Protective Services (DFPS), local CASA programs and community partners, we are working to ensure that every child in foster care has the opportunity for lifelong connections.

CFE’s work is centered around what we call “The 4Cs of CFE”: Collaborate, Cultivate, Convene and Connect.

  • Collaborate refers to the team-based approach across stakeholders to involve families.
  • Cultivate involves the use of creative tools to find and engage family and other important relationship connections;
  • Convene is when families and their support network engage in family meetings; and,
  • Connect is all about maintaining those connections and building a lifetime network of support and care around the child and their family.

How Can You Get Involved with CFE:

To work with youth as part of CFE you must meet all the requirements necessary to become a CASA Volunteer. For more specific information about becoming a CASA Volunteer please visit Become A Volunteer