Helping Older Youth in Foster Care

Older youth in foster care face unique challenges.  At age 18, they "age out" of foster care and immediately enter adulthood. They often lack a strong support system and the skills needed to function as an adult in society. Without support, some become homeless and many choose dangerous lifestyles.  There are ways to help older youth in foster care.

The role of a CASA Volunteer with Older Foster Youth:

CASA Volunteers have a unique role in the lives of older foster youth.  A CASA Volunteer can provide much needed support and guidance.  They can help the child learn valuable life skills like managing a budget, buying groceries, obtaining a driver's license, opening a bank account or enrolling in college, trade school or the military.  The CASA can also help them identify mental health resources if needed.  They can help identify family members who may have lost touch with the child, but could be a good support to the child as the enter adulthood. The CASA can significantly improve the outcome for a child aging out of foster care.  Most importantly, they can provide a voice for the child in court and advocate for their best interest.  Unfortunately, many older youth do not have a CASA Volunteer because we do not have enough volunteers to advocate for these children.  For more specific information about becoming a CASA Volunteer please visit Become A Volunteer

Other Ways to Help Older Youth:

Donations for older youth in care are always appreciated.  They often need the following items:

New or gently used luggage/duffle bags
Body Wash
Hairbrushes and Combs
Scarves/Hats (Winter)
ITunes Gift Cards
Laptops for graduation
Graduation gifts—specific for each child

If you would like more information about becoming a CASA Volunteer or making this type of donation, please submit an inquiry form on this website or call our office at 432-683-1114.  Your support is greatly appreciated!

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